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Challenge Coins

With the entry of challenge coins to the world of corporate excellence, people have become more adventurous and sincere about performing their day to day activities, while on their job.

What exactly are these challenge coins?
Challenge coins are a sure fire way of achieving excellence at work, whether it be a private organization, or something related to the government, for example, Army, Navy or even the AirForce.

It is found to reward their employees by gifting these small tokens of appreciation, which makes a big difference in their attitude.

How attractive are they?
These coins can be made more attractive by plating it with Gold, Silver or even bronze. This means that the design makes it more and more worthy of being won. The organizations have been able to make tailor made coins to suit the occasion. The shield shape and tunnel shape, along with the circle and rectangle are some of the famous shapes available. The scent emanating from the medal also makes them more attractive. The employee is deemed to have achieved something special, when compared to all the others in his/her group. This instills renewed confidence and energy among the employee and motivates every single employee to come out with their best efforts. The most common colors used by the organizations are gold, silver and bronze.

What to achieve.
The coins are meant to elevate the performance of the employees to unattainable levels of excellence and in turn, motivate their friends to achieve even higher levels of performance and confidence. By designing these coins in the specific shape and size that match with their area of work, one could hope to bring more efficiency and finesse to the workplace. The employee is bound to achieve more success in his field and also motivate him to even greater heights among the elite group.

Origin of these coins
These coins were first introduced by the military agencies of different countries, with the thought of increasing camaraderie among the fellow employees and later adopted by many other private and public organizations to increase faithfulness and reduce attrition.

The unique identity
Those who have managed to earn these coins know about the pride and honor with which others treat them. However, this means that the other fellow employees are even more motivated to achieve greater levels of excellence at work. They are meant to provide unique identity to those set of exemplary achievers who belong to the elite group. This ensures fruitful establishment of the identity of the specific employee and cements their relationship with the particular clan or group. In turn, the unity among the group members is established with these coins.


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